The Dawn of The New Age of HVAC

Is 100% Transparency Hard?

“Then why does every contractor

hide their prices until the last minute.”

It’s time for a change in the HVAC-R industry, at least, that’s what we believe. Too long have contractors played the “zip code” way of pricing out installations and repairs. We notice the majority of our customers who were longtime clients to other providers face the same common problem, repair & installation pricing staggered from home to home for the same repairs & installations in the same year, and these were clients who were referrals of the current provider! In some astonishing cases, we’ve found employers will even hide their pricing from their own technicians just so the salesmen can get in your home and “gauge” your pocketbook.

Revolution Air is making huge waves in the industry by offering complete online pricing. We keep our prices online for you to browse at your convenience. Why? Because YOU DESERVE TO KNOW. Visit for complete access to our service & installation pricing and don’t be swindled by salesmen who judge you by the zip code you live and decide that you need to pay more to keep their commissions up.

- Jonathan Rivera

Lead Technician | Revolution Air