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2018 System Pricing

Tired of the same old company rhetoric?

"I'm sorry, but we can't give you an estimate over the phone. When can we stop by?" 

Revolution Air is dedicated to transparency and honest upfront pricing. We provide online estimates on all equipment to help you make a decision without ever having to pick up the phone, because isn't that what everyone wants?

For a company to give it to you straight!

Quick & Upfront Pricing

Book an appointment online to resolve any issues you may be having having with your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration system.

A proper diagnosis can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on what type company you hire. Revolution Air hires N.A.T.E. certified technicians that can handle all of your repairs without you having to worry about those pushy "White Shirt" Sales Companies.

system Maintenance
Annual & Monthly Plans

Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC-R system is a difficult responsibility to maintain on your own, components if left alone begin to fail under the pressure of life and its surroundings.

Join one of our 20/20 preventive maintenance plans as low as $8 a month and let us take care of things so you have No Worries.

Humidity & Comfort

People are sensitive to high humidity because the human body uses evaporative cooling (like an A/C!), enabled by perspiration, as the primary mechanism to rid itself of excess heat. So high humidity equals high moisture, discomfort, sweating windows, and a really “stuffy” home.

Revolution Air installs Honeywell Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers to properly maintain the perfect level of comfort in your home! 90% of homeowners just replace their HVAC systems when they should be looking at adding MORE insulation and adding dehumidification. Combined these two options can be the most POWERFUL upgrade!


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Are germs causing you problems?

Indoor Air Quality and System Cleanliness are a crucial part of keeping your family and business healthy. Filtering, Maintaining, and Killing this bacteria is an easy upgrade to any system and can be performed any day or any time of the year.