Are Germs & Humidity Causing You Health Concerns?

“Proper temperature & humidity crucial to maintaining a healthy home.”

When was the last time you’ve had your system cleaned or serviced? With our recent studies into multiple customers, we’ve found in every 4 out of 5 homes, people who were under the impression they were getting their systems maintained were actually only paying for "tune-ups” instead of maintenance cleanings.

Over years of getting this type of check up done, homeowners were actually accumulating mildew, microbial growth, & refrigerant loss due to by attrition. (Most technicians use 36” refrigerant hoses which can hold 6-8 oz of refrigerant, that’s a half lb, as well as not replacing the refrigerant they release on every check, strange how after years of maintaining a system you’re all the sudden “low on refrigerant”)

We recommend hiring a company that will clean & maintain your system by visiting your home twice a year getting your home to the perfect standard.

The most important part of owning a system is to maintain it. Manufacturers recommend a 1 month minimum filter change out and urge homeowners to perform the maintenance on their system TWICE per year. By installing a media filter or electronic air cleaner in conjunction with a Ultra Violet light, you can effectively kill up to 99.98% of indoor air bacteria and keep your system dirt & germ free and only have to change your filter once per year.

- Jonathan Rivera

Lead Technician | Revolution Air