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Rheem 20 sEER

High Efficiency VARIABLE Speed

Price Range - $12,500 to $14,900

Rheem is a dependable, aesthetically pleasing, & cost effective option to meet everyone’s budget. Warranty includes; first year complete warranty coverage with Revolution Air. 10 years parts and 5 year labor with registration of the product(s). You can rest comfortably this investment will be best deal for your dollar!

Trane XV20i.png

Trane 20 sEER

High Efficiency VARIABLE Speed

Price Range - $15,200 to $18,000

Trane has a reputation “nothing stops a Trane” takes reliability to whole new level. In- house made compressors & spine fin technology to remove the heat from you home. You cannot go wrong by installing a Trane. Backed by a 10 years parts & 5 year labor warranty with registration of the product(s). Sleep easy that nothing will stop “Your” Trane.

16 SEER Upgrade-4.png

Bosch 20 SEER

High Efficiency VARIABLE Speed

Price Range - $12,500 to $13,900

Looking for a little more savings off your electric bill or extra comfortability? Improving to a 20 SEER system can remove more humidity, which in turn makes you comfortable at higher temperatures. Upgrading this feature with Revolution Air will result in lower run times & lower light bills!


 This newly constructed home features exposed ductwork for an ultramodern look.

Ductwork & Insulation

Price Range - $325/duct

pRICE rANGE - $1.10/SQ Ft

Changing your ductwork with your system is always recommended. Your existing ductwork has years & years of possible mold, dust and debris trapped within the ducting system. You don’t normally buy a new car & put your old tires on it. It can be the difference between a perfectly designed system and a “functioning” one.

Once your new system and ductwork are installed consider “refreshing” your attics insulation to keep the heat out & your home as cool as you are.



Price Range - $2100 to $3300

Let’s face it, we live in the Greater Houston area, walking outside is the equivalent of walking into a hot sauna fully clothed. It’s plain miserable. You feel this as well as your A/C’s effect on your electric bills.

However we have the solution. Dehumidfiers.

Installing a dehumidifier can take up-to 80% of the stress off your air conditioner by reducing the run time needed to keep you comfortable.


Indoor Air Quality

Price Range - $650 To $2500

Worried about household mold, kids sneezing all the time, or a house getting super dusty? We have healthy air options available to keep your sterilized. Lonization Systems & Electronic Air Cleaners designed to kill or remove up-to 99% airborne germs & particles.

You can sleep sound knowing that when you sneeze by the time air makes it out of the duct system, the germs and molds have been neutralized.