Ductwork & Upgrades


 This newly constructed home features exposed ductwork for an ultramodern look.


  • Metal Ductwork

  • Flex Ductwork

  • Supply Plenums

  • Return Plenums

  • Metal Transitions

  • Whole Home Annual Media Filters

  • Ultra-Violet Air Cleaners

  • Clean Effects Electric Air Cleaners

  • Guaranteed to pass any 3rd Party Testing or City Inspection

  • Financing Options Available (WAC)

TrueDRY Large Dehumidifier - 3 in. Color

Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

  • Houston Climate vs. Amarillo Climate

  • Adding either a dehumidifier or humidifier can make the difference in sleeping comfortably and maintaining proper health.

  • We strongly believe that every Houston area home has a dehumidifier & also recommend homes in Amarillo have humidifiers installed.

  • Financing Options Available (WAC)

Revolution Air.jpg

10 Year Labor Warranties

  • Repairs under warranty are never fun and can still cost a lot, on average a warranty evaporator coil with refrigerant is $1100-$1600.

  • Did you know that if your system is less than 2 years old, we can place a 10 year labor warranty on any install, including another contractor's installs.

  • Backed by a reliable 3rd party, you can rest easy knowing that the only cost you would ever incur would just be a service call.

  • Financing Options Available (WAC)