Monthly Maintenance Plan - No Worries Plan

Monthly Maintenance Plan - No Worries Plan

from 36.00 every month
  • $36/mo per system (20% Discount Monthly off $540 Yearly)

  • Includes repair or replacement of weak or faulty electronic components, refrigerant leak location and repair, condensate line overflow protection, and repairs up-to $1000 on systems installed within the last 15 years.

  • $20 service calls

  • 20% off repairs

  • Preventive maintenance on your cooling system in the spring

  • Preventive maintenance on your heating system in the fall

  • 5% off equipment replacement

  • 5% off equipment enhancements

  • Improved comfort

  • Lower utility bills

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Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes

* Inspection of A/C system

* Purge & Clean drain lines

* Clean outdoor coil

* Clean indoor coil if accessible

* Inspect refrigerant levels

Furnace Maintenance Includes

* Inspection of Heating System

* Inspect Drain Lines

* Clean Indoor Equipment

* Inspect Heat Exchanger & Exhaust

* Perform Carbon Monoxide Testing